As a bar owner, creating a memorable and efficient bar experience for your patrons requires more than just a well-stocked liquor selection. The right bar supplies can make all the difference.

Whether you’re gearing up to open a bar or you’re aiming to up your game, we’ve got the essential tools to make your establishment stand out.

Melamine Serveware

Our vibrant melamine ware isn’t just a feast for the eyes; it’s built to last. With scratch and chip-resistant features, it stands strong in the lively atmosphere of your bustling bar. Cleanup is a breeze as they’re dishwasher safe, ensuring a swift turnover and keeping the party going without a hitch. Explore our range to find the perfect match for each snack, whether it’s for serving fries, wings, pizzas, nuts, nachos, or other yummy bites.

Cocktail Shaker

There are two essential types of cocktail shakers: the Boston shaker and the cobbler shaker.

The Boston shaker, characterized by a glass mixing tumbler and a sturdy metal tin, is a reliable choice for expert cocktail shaking. It is commonly found in professional bars.

Conversely, the cobbler shaker, with its uncomplicated three-part structure—base, built-in strainer, and cap—appeals to bartenders for its simplicity and stands out as a practical option for those seeking a balance of style and efficiency.

Both shaker types offer copper-plated alternatives. If you prefer classic charm and rapid cooling capabilities for your shaker, these copper-plated counterparts would be an excellent choice.

It is worth noting that copper plated shakers require a bit of TLC. Hand wash with mild soap, avoiding the dishwasher, and dry immediately to prevent water spots. Periodically polish using a copper cleaner or vinegar-salt mixture. Follow these steps can ensure your copper plated shaker remains both functional and eye-catching over time.

Cocktail Strainer

When your cocktail shaker lacks an integrated strainer, a separate strainer becomes indispensable to ensure that only the pure liquid essence of your concoction finds its way into the glass, leaving unwanted remnants behind.

Check out our collection featuring Hawthorne strainers, perfect for shaken cocktails, and our julep strainer for stirred cocktails.

Silicone Ice Ball Mould

This nifty little tool transforms the ordinary ice cube into a sphere of frozen perfection, slowing down the melting process and preventing dilution. Crafted from high-quality silicone, our ice ball mould is not only durable but also flexible, making it a breeze to release the ice spheres. The result? A visually stunning addition to your cocktails or spirits that cools without compromising flavour.

The Openers

Here is the power couple of bar tools: the bottle cap opener and corkscrew opener. The bottle cap opener effortlessly cracks open bottles with a simple flick, making it the go-to for beers and other capped beverages. On the other hand, the corkscrew opener is essential for gracefully opening wine bottles without causing any damage to the cork, ensuring a smooth and intact removal to preserve the quality of the wine inside.

Together, these openers are the dynamic duo that keeps the drinks flowing and the good times rolling.

Garnish Center

The garnish centers are designed for bartenders, by bartenders. Built to fit standard mixing rails, its innovative design features a patented domed lid for easy access, and increased capacity when closed – setting it apart from the limitations of a flat lid. Customise your setup with the option of deep trays for extra storage or standard trays with space below for an ice pack, keeping your garnishes refreshingly chilled.

There are different configurations to suit varied space and needs. Opt for a model with two rows of holders, both top and bottom, for efficient space utilization. Alternatively, embrace versatile organization with 2 to as many as 6 holders arranged side by side. Need a dedicated spot for straws? Simply add on a straw caddy.

Bar Spoon

The Bar Spoon is a true maestro in the art of cocktail crafting. Its twisted design isn’t just for show—it complements the stirring motion, ensuring a continuous and smooth blend. This not only prevents splashes but, when coupled with the right technique, minimizes drink dilution. The clever twist also enables you to pour liquids down the spoon without a spill, showcasing its finesse.

Some designs take versatility up a notch – such as a flat disc at one end that acts as a muddler, allowing you to extract those essential flavours from herbs or fruits. Meanwhile, the other end might surprise you with a fork—a dual-purpose gem. Need to pluck olives or cherries from jars? The fork’s got you covered, adding a practical touch to the spoon’s repertoire.

Speed Pourer

A speed pourer serves as the go-to accessory for precise and efficient liquid dispensing in bars. Replacing standard bottle caps, these narrow-spouted pourers allow bartenders to pour accurate and consistent amounts of spirits, streamlining the drink preparation process. By facilitating a controlled flow, speed pourers not only contribute to the rapidity of service during busy periods but also minimize spillage and enhance the visual presentation of cocktails.

Bartenders tend to remove the speed pourer at the end of each night. This helps keep the liquor in good shape by preventing air from entering the bottle, which can affect its quality. It also stops slow evaporation and removes any leftover liquid in the spout, avoiding the attraction of insects due to sugar content.

Glass Rimmer

The glass rimmer is like a mini carnival for your glass rims, a three-tiered sensation waiting to jazz up your drinks. It’s got moistened sponges to prep, and dry compartments for your choice of rimming magic—salt, sugar, or something creative. This compact powerhouse transforms your cocktail from ordinary to Instagram-worthy with a single spin. Margaritas, martinis, or mocktails, each gets a personalized touch.

Wine Bucket

It is a mini oasis for wine bottles – An elegant container, crafted from stainless steel or plastic, purpose-built to ensure your whites and sparklings stay refreshingly cool. Opt for a double-walled one for extra insulation. Simply toss in some ice, nestle your wine, and voila—an instant upgrade to your patrons’ sipping experience.

Ice Bucket

In a bar, an ice bucket is a must-have for keeping drinks cold and serving customers efficiently. Bartenders use it to quickly grab ice for making cocktails without having to run to the freezer. It’s also placed on the bar for patrons to add ice to their drinks without needing to wait for service staff assistance.

As you embark on your journey to elevate your bar to new heights, use this guide as a foundation.
Create not just a bar but an unforgettable experience for all who walk through your doors.

Cheers to setting the bar high!