Roller Grill – Cleaning Cast-Iron Contact Grill

This video shows you how to clean your Roller Grill contact-grill with cast-iron plates.

Robot-Coupe R402 Food Processor: Cutter & Veg Prep Machine

Compact and versatile, the Robot-Coupe R 402 Food Processor – Cutter & Vegprep machine – is #THEsolution to make a multitude of “homemade” preparations in no time and without effort: sauces, chopping of meat, fish, onions, herbs and spices, kneading, grinding of dried fruits, chocolate or praliné… and up to 28 different fruit and vegetable cuts, without forgetting French Fries and Dicing! You can now chop1.5 kg of meat in 2 minutes and grate 4 kg of carrots in 1 minute! For even more versatility, it can even have a Juice and Coulis Extraction Function. So simplify your daily life in kitchen!


Visual impact plays a huge role in enhancing the pleasures of the palate – and coffee is no exception. Now the NACHTMANN Barista Collection offers the perfect glass for every kind of speciality coffee.

Golden brown crema, snowy foam enhanced by latte art, the rich interplay of colours – coffee aficionados can now choose from four glasses in two strikingly attractive faceted cuts. The range spans glasses for espresso/doppio and cappuccino, a classic coffee mug with handle, and a tall, slim glass for latte macchiato and cold brew. The hotly anticipated NACHTMANN Noblesse series are the perfect surprise for all coffee connoisseurs. The attractively decorated exterior is useful as well as ornamental; it deflects the heat and allows the glass to be held comfortably despite its hot contents.

Microplane® Premium Classic Zester/Graters

The high-performance premium zesters from Microplane® feature the company’s iconic long and narrow, rasp-style design that originated in the woodshop. They are expertly crafted with surgical grade stainless steel blades with razor-sharp edges that effortlessly cut through hard and soft foods without tearing or shredding and come in a variety of beautiful colors for every kitchen.

Lodge – How to Restore Rusty Cast Iron Cookware

A little rust is no reason to panic. Sticky seasoning can be cured too. Follow these simple steps to refurbish your cast iron finish, and you’ll be cooking for decades to come.

How to Clean Bundt Pans & Cake Pans | Nordic Ware

Learn how to properly clean and maintain Bundt and cake pans so your pans are sparkling and ready to bake in every time! Follow these easy cleaning tips and recommendations from the experts at Nordic Ware, so you never have to worry about your next bake and remove residue and stubborn stickiness with ease. We recommend washing with warm soapy water for routine bakes. For more stubborn cases, try Dawn Powerwash Dish Spray. Always use a soft bristle brush, sponge or dishcloth (never metal or steel wool).